Top Attractions in the Faroe Islands

Unspoiled, Unexplored, Unbelievable. Located in the Northeast Atlantic, the Faroe Islands is an archipelago of 18 small islandscharacterised by steep cliffs, tall mountains, narrow fjords. The islands are located halfway between Iceland and Scotland in the North Atlantic Ocean. These islands are connected by excellent infrastructure linked by together by a comprehensive road network and tunnel and ferry connections.

The name Faroe Islands first appeared as Faereyjar (in approximately 1225), which means “Sheep Islands”. This presumably led to the national symbol, which is a ram. There are more sheeps than people - people population: 50,000, sheep population: 70,000.

The Faroese language derives from Old Norse, which was spoken by the Norsemen who settled the islands 1200 years ago.

The Faroe Islands is a self-governing archipelago, part of the Kingdom of Denmark. The Faroe Islands is not a member of the European Union, even though Denmark is.

The capital city is Tórshavn, and with fewer than 20,000 inhabitants, it’s the smallest capital in Europe (but in true European fashion, it has its own symphony orchestra). It's likely the most rugged “city” you’ve ever seen: moody clouds, a perpetually churning sea, steep grassy hills, and rocky coastal cliffs.

As a result of its geography, weather conditions on the Faroe Islands can be fickle. It's possible to experience all four seasons in one day, so the advice is to dress in layers and pack a variety of clothing. In summer there's daylight for up to 22 hours, and locals pour into the streets to enjoy food festivals and outdoor concerts.

Mykines (population: 10) makes for an excellent day trip. Here, you’ll hike past a bustling puffin colony out to a beautiful lighthouse that’s framed against cliffs.

There are approximately 110 different species of birds in the Faroe Islands. Many think the national bird is the puffin. It’s in fact the oystercatcher.


Mulafossur Waterfall

Saksun village

Gjogv village, the Faroe Islands

Mykines, the Faroe Islands

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